Materials and Equipment


Harbin, China

Main Products:

Design, manufacture, sale and service of Steam Turbines

Production Base:

2 Plants located in Wenshang and Shandong, China



Company Profile

Harbin Turbine Company Limited (HTC) is a state owned company in China specializing in designing and manufacturing large sized turbines (such as Industrial, Fossil, Nuclear, Marine, and Gas). At present HTC has over 5500 employees including over 1200 Technicians and Engineers and over 400 senior executives.
HTC boasts a very powerful production capacity for its wide range of products such as 300, 600 and 1000MW units. The newer heavy duty (over 1000MW) units are also available. The average annual production capacity for HTC is the equivalent to 30,000MW which accounts for over 1/3 of domestically produced steam turbines in China. HTC has enjoyed great success in China and throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, with a focus on expanding into North America. HTC has a company slogan of “Quality First and Client above all” which resonates throughout HTC.
In 1994 HTC obtained its ISO9001 certificate for Quality Assurance. In 2006 HTC obtained both ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System and GB/T 28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This commitment to not only meeting Quality Standards but exceeding them has helped HTC emerge as an industry leader with the highest quality products available.
“Be strict, honest, united and respectful within HTC has pushed HTC to the forefront of this new era. The Harbin Turbine Company Limited has always prided itself on offering a first class product, technology and Quality. We look forward to helping fill your requirements with the future of the Steam Turbine Industry.

Products (Nuclear power product series)

  • Steam Turbine
    • 100MW, 135MW, 200MW, 300MW and 6500MW air cooled steam turbines designed and manufactured by HTC are applicable for power stations with direct of indirect air cooling systems.

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:1999
  • ASME U, Certificate


  • Since manufacturing the first 600MW steam turbine in China for power generation in 1986 HTC has successfully supplied units to Anhui Pingwell Power Station, Inner Mongolia Yuanbaoshan Power Station, Harbin #3 Power Station and Hebei Panshan Power Station. It established a new record to supply large sized domestic units for Power Stations in China. This steam turbine model has won many awards in China.
  • The first set of 300MW and 600MW steam turbines in China is successfully one-shot started at Datong and Zhangshan power stations, Shanxi, sequentially. All performance indices including safety and operation with full load meet the design requirement. Customers are very satisfied with the product of HTC. So far HTC has received orders with total 45 sets of air cooled steam turbine, which accounts for 40% on domestic market and becomes the first position in the industry in China.
  • The first Chinese made 300MW direct air cooled steam turbine operating in Zhangshan Power Station.
  • 200MW air cooled steam turbine operating in Fengzhan power station.
  • A domestic requirement within China for Energy has required HTC to research and develop many units ranging within the 350 - 600MW supercritical turbines. The 350MW (60Hz) has been designed with the North American market in mind.
  • Steam Turbine for the 125MW combined cycle before shipping.
  • Since starting design and manufacturing of gas turbines in 1959, HTC has grasped the complete scaling design technique and accumulated a wealth of experience in test running and commissioning of the complete unit. So far HTC has designed, manufactured and put into operation gas turbines of different 6 types of turbines for marine, locomotive and power generation applications.
  • 80MW combined cycle steam turbine operating at Hainan Yangpu Power Station
  • 60MW combined cycle steam turbine operating at Shenzhen Baochang Power Station
  • The combined cycle power plant composed of gas and steam turbine and HSRG has fueled power plants all over the world thanks to its efficient energy consumption and environmentally friendly design. HTC has designed and manufactured 4 types of steam turbines in the 50MW class independently, and 2 types of in the 150MW class with the support of GE. Many of these have been put into service both in China and abroad. At present HTC is developing and expanding its line of large combined cycle steam turbines.
  • Main Applications

    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Nuclear Power Plants

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