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Pel Castaldo

P. Eng

Manager, Electrical

Mr. Pel Castaldo is a Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience as a senior electrical engineer in the nuclear industry. He has experience in managing projects both at CPUS as well as OPG. At CPUS, he has managed such projects as the OPG Design Manual Upgrade Project, the Pickering A Switchyard Relay Building Replacement, and the Bruce A Units 1&2 Resolution of the CNSC Comments on the Integrated Safety Report. As a manager in OPG, he led a project team to develop the Environmental Qualification Program for operating nuclear stations. He then managed a team to develop a program to qualify installed cables in operating nuclear stations which included a testing program to provide data for environmental qualifications of these cables, a program to identify and allocate installed cables to groups for which representative cables were being environmentally tested and qualified, and a program to assess, in-situ, the degree of aging experienced by installed cables. Mr. Castaldo also has experience in electrical system analysis, Probabilistic Risk Assessments, and Safety Design Matrix studies.