N285.0 Training Course

Objective of CSA N285.0 Course:

This training course will provide an overview of the rules and requirements pertaining to nuclear pressure retaining systems and components covered by CSA N285.0 standards covering
  • code classification;
  • materials;
  • design and design registration;
  • fabrication and installation;
  • quality assurance;
  • inspections,
  • examination and testing;
  • jurisdictional requirements for registrations,
  • authorized inspections and
  • approvals; records, reports and documentation.
The training course will discuss the adoption and application of ASME codes and standards for Boiler and Pressure vessel to the Canadian requirements and, where appropriate for understanding and practice, briefly review the requirements of these codes and standards. The course will provide adequate interaction through questions & answers and class exercises.

Day 1

  • Scope and application
  • Some key terms and definitions
  • Referenced supporting standards
  • Code Effective Date for standards
  • Responsibilities of the Nuclear Power Plant Owner and Contractors
  • Rules for code classification
  • CANDU specific components
  • Rules for design registration
  • Categories of fittings
  • Design rules, requirements and documents
  • Pressure retaining materials and required documentation
  • Review of key ASME NX-2000 requirements
  • Special CANDU specific materials

Day 2

Rules for Fabrication and Installation
  • Review of key ASME NX-4000 requirements
  • Control of welders, weld procedures and welding
  • Registration of weld procedures
Quality Assurance requirements for:
  • System design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Material manufacturer’s and suppliers
Inspection, Examination and Testing Requirements
  • Review of key ASME NX-5000/6000 requirements
  • NDE Personnel Qualifications
  • Records, Code Data Reports and Name Plates
  • In-Service Requirements
  • Types of supports
  • Registration of supports
  • Application of ASME subsection NF requirements
Jurisdictional requirements for
  • Acceptance of code classifications
  • QA Program Certification
  • QA Manual Review and acceptance
  • Design Registration
  • Authorized Inspections and acceptance of fabricated items andinstallation
  • Review and acceptance of records and reports
Application of CSA B51 to class 6 components (a brief introduction) What you will learn
  • What is covered in the CSA N285.0 (standard).
  • What are the key requirements in the standard and supporting codes and standards.
  • What is the significance of these requirements.
How you will learn
  • Participating in the presentations.
  • Discussions.
  • Exercises and Reviews.
  • Questions and Answers.
How you will apply
  • With awareness of key requirements and their significance.
  • Knowing where to find the details and confirming your understanding.

The course will be delivered by experienced trainers and senior specialists in Quality Assurance in the Canadian CANDU industry.