CSA N299.1-16 training course is a 2-day course.

The course outline is as follows:

To build understanding of the framework, structure, content and expectations of the Quality Assurance applied to the suppliers in order to enable the suppliers to:

  • Build working knowledge and implementation of the N299 Series of standards

Develop and implement effective systems and processes that comply with the requirements.

  • Measure and monitor conformance.
  • Establish requirements for subcontracts.
  • Maintain documents and records to demonstrate compliance.

Training will cover CSA N299.1, N299.2, N299.3, N299.4 quality assurance standards through:

  • Power point presentations,
  • Exercises,
  • Group discussions,
  • Reviews and Questionnaires

Content of the Course:

  • Introduction to CSA Nuclear CSA N299 series of standards.
  • Difference between Z299 and N299 Series of Standards.
  • Application of N299 QA Standards to Canadian Nuclear suppliers.
  • CSA N299.1 Focus, Scope and Structure.
  • CSA N299.1 Generic Requirements, and QA program Elements and their implementation.
  • Requirements for Design, Procurement, Control of Special Process, Test planning
  • Control of Counterfeit Fraudulent and Suspect Items

The course will be delivered by experienced trainers and senior specialists in Quality Assurance in the Canadian CANDU industry.