CPUS Limited is a full service design, project management, procurement and engineering services company as well as a Canadian Agency representing a number of qualified Chinese Manufacturers of power plant equipment and materials. Our highly experienced team of experts are readily available to provide innovative solutions to meet all of our customer's needs. CPUS Limited can provide a broad array of technical services and products on a managed task basis at competitive billing rates. Additionally, our Quality Assurance Program is designed to meet all Power Industry Standards for the provision of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) support including Pressure Boundary Class 1, 2 and 3 components. CPUS Limited is the Agency for the following manufactured power plant equipment and material:
  • Wide range of nuclear class and conventional valves (can replace obsolete valves in existing nuclear plants), supplies 1/3 of Chinese market
  • Welded and seamless pipe and tube for use in nuclear class and conventional applications (Austenitic/Duplex/Nickel Alloys/Titanium)
  • Stationary and mobile gas turbine and diesel Emergency Power Supply units
  • Wide range of nuclear and conventional pipe fittings