Materials and Equipment

Harbin New Energy Technology Company Limited (member of the Dongan Group)

Harbin, China

Founded: 1948

Main Products:

Gas turbine generating sets - Mobile and Stationary

Size Range:

Various ranging from 1000 kW to 3000 kW



Production Base:

Various Plants located in Harbin China (approx 2.0 million square meters of industrial space)


State owned by Harbin Electric Corporation.

Company Profile

Harbin New Energy Technology Company Limited is a subsidiary of AVIC Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) Company Limited. AVIC Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) Company Limited was founded in 1948, is one of 156 key projects and one of 512 enterprises specially supported by the state at the initial stage since the foundation of Peoples Republic of China. The Dongan Group has over 5000 employees and occupies an area of 2.0 million square meters. The Dongan Group has set up a state-level technical center, undertakes the development and production of all helicopter transmission systems in China and is designated as the development and production base for helicopter transmission system, and medium and small size aero-engine and aviation mechanical transmission components. Over 15,000 sets of aero-engines and 9,000 sets of helicopter transmission systems for dozens of models have been accumulatively produced, repaired and developed since the establishment of the company.
Harbin New Energy Technology Company Limited is responsible for the production, sales of and after sales service of Dongan gas turbines in generating sets in China domestically and abroad.


  • Gas turbine generating sets

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001


  • High Quality Electricity Production
    • Due to the fact that there is only rotation movement during operation of the gas turbine, the rapid response of the digital electronic controller, the constant-rotation speed regulation, no rotation speed loss after loading and the smooth operation of the set, the output voltage and frequency of the generator both are stable, with high output precision and low waveform distortion, strong anti-harmonic interference and non-linear loading capability. These features are demonstrated through long time operation in telecom applications where stable voltage and frequency is required to satisfy the UPS charging requirements for communicating data exchanging devices that prevent the data exchange interruption.
  • Automatic Operation
    • The entire operating sequence including warm up, starting, operating with load variations and shutdown is fully automatically controlled and monitored. All operating parameters are displayed on computer and the unit can be unmanned.
  • High Starting Reliability
    • With its reliable ignition system and good low temperature starting performance, the successful starting rate of over 99.5% is achieved.
  • Quick Loading
    • Load can be applied on the gas turbine generating within 1 minute after the gen set has started and reached a balanced operating speed. There is no need to warm the unit before load can be applied.
  • Low Noise
    • Gas turbines operate at high speed so the noise produced is high frequency noise. This high frequency noise is easily reduced, and the noise measured at 1 m from the housing is typically lower than 85dB(A).
  • Low Vibration
    • As the gas turbine operates only at high rotation speed without reciprocating motion, the vibration produced is very small.
  • Small in Size and Light in Weight
    • The power/weight ratio and power/volume ratios are relatively high because the engine is small in size and light in weight.
  • No Cooling Water Needed
    • Gas turbine generating sets are air cooled not water cooled. Consequently cooling system failures (leakage, cooling, boiling and waste water) do not occur. Thus gas turbine generating sets are more reliable and more suitable for cold and dry areas.
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance
    • The gas turbine generating set is electronically, and automatically controlled and includes automatic alarming and auto-protection systems, to ensure safe operation including when utilized in an unmanned operational mode. The gas turbine is simple in structure and utilizes frictionless bearings. Consequently wear is light and daily maintenance is minimal.
  • Low Emissions
    • The combustion nozzle of the gas turbine includes an air atomizing structure, which ensures efficient fuel combustion, and its emission meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Main Applications

  • Urban Emergency
  • Emergency Power Supply (EPS)
  • Communication Facilities
  • Broadcast and Television
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Plant Construction
  • Commercial and Financial Institutions
  • Medical Service Facilities including Hospitals
  • Urban Construction Sites
  • Military Equipment
  • Sports Complexes
  • Carbonization Enterprises
  • Cooling Heating and Power Supply
  • Nuclear Power Plant Construction and EPS

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